A message from Rodney

"With years of experience as both a Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Practical Nurse, I've come to realize the importance of being physically fit. Within this time frame, I've also developed a deep desire to help others.

Whether you want to develop a healthier lifestyle, or seek competitive bodybuilding/figure advice, call on my expertise to help you achieve your desired results."

Rodney has won multiple WNBF and INBF awards and has been featured in Men's Health and Muscle Fit magazines. Brief Biography:

I began my weight training in the U.S. Army. After 12 years of service, I am now a veteran. I have always been into fitness.


Atlanta School of Fitness and Nutrition (PCDI)
CPR Certified - AHA
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Goals as a personal trainer

To ensure that each clients goals are met through physical fitness, resistance training, and nutrition. Also to help people improve their lifestyle to become more healthy by example and motivation. My career as a professional Natural bodybuilder and soldier has allowed me to be well traveled. I've helped many alhletes prepare for bodybuilding / figure competitions with excellent outcomes. Also I have trained many clients for years and help them to achieve and exceed their fitness goals through weight loss and toning.

Rodney's accomplishments

2003 INBF Capital City 1st overall and WNBF Pro Card
2004 WNBF Pro American 4th Place
2004 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd Place Heavyweight
2005 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd Place Heavyweight
2006 WNBF Pro American 1st
2006 WNBF Pro US Cup 1st Heavyweight
2006 WNBF Pro Worlds 2nd Heavyweight
2007 WNBF Pro Mr. Universe
2007 WNBF Pro International 1st Place
2007 WNBF Pro Universe 1st Heavyweight
2007 WNBF Pro Worlds 1st Heavyweight
2008 WNBF Pro Worlds 1st Heavyweight
2010 WNBF Pro US Cup 1st Place
2010 WNBF Pro World 3rd Heavyweight
2011 WNBF Pro Tournament of Champions 2nd Place
2011 WNBF Pro Worlds 4th Heavyweight
2012 WNBF Multipower Pro US Cup 2nd
2013 WNBF Pro Master 2nd Place
Featured in Men's Health and Muscle and Fitness Magazines

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